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Swallow Sound Quality Is Good and Edge spears success for Swiftlet House

In a previous post I explained about my kind of bird sounds VOICE KRIYAW name. KRIYAW name is tailored to the voice function is solely for the purpose BIRDS COLLECT swallow, not to enter into the building.

If it were not to enter, and for what? Purpose of collecting bird's nest is to establish or merekamkan into swiftlet memory of the location of our building. And also do not provide an opportunity for the swiftlets to know other locations, this memory to remember where swiftlets are very strong. Therefore we make the swiftlet colonies during and as often as possible is always playing in our building site. Thus the location of our building will be embedded in the memory of swiftlet question.

Children swallow bird that has been used to playing region of our building, then it is likely to occupy our building is 90%. And for adult birds are used to playing in our building site, he would take her children to play region building.

That is, how is it possible to call a bird's nest, bird while playing in other locations and away from the building? Plus bird never had a memory for the building.

If it is for the central area, no need to wear kriyaw sound. For a bird's nest by itself will have gathered, because it was the residence of the area and the use of voice kelahirannya.Jadi kriyaw is tailored to the location of the building.

For areas that are not Race, Hurry or Central, kriyaw use of voice is needed. Because if not, where the birds would come and go and then stay? Do not rely too much on Sound Good, because in the more central regions Sounds Nice and Accurate compared with other locations. Remember ... CENTRAL name is not just a figment. This name proves the existence of an advantage not shared by other regions, both regions trajectory, game, let alone a foreign territory.

For those of you who need a voice kriyaw you can download it for free: Dowload Voice Kriyaw

As for how to use the voice kriyaw should not be bumping clock in birds, which is off about 1/2 hour before sunset. Remember .., voice call holes left to sound when the sound kriyaw activated. Therefore to sound kriyaw should use other speakers (ax or ax-65-70) which is placed lower than the inlet speakers. Also hadapnya must be opposite to the direction of the bird inlet is at the back of the building.

Speaker kriyaw is not directed upwards, but sideways direction. Volume adjustment kriyaw not too loud, must be smaller than the sound inlet. Please prove it ...!?

To voice dial entry hole, you can download it here : Download Sound Hole Call Log?

Furthermore, I will describe something that is very supportive in putting the birds into your building. So I'll see you later posted and good lux.

Creating Cross Swallow colony in Foreign Location (not the Game, not the track, and not Central)

It is not unusual for buildings that berlokasikan nest in areas that are not hunted, not instead CENTRAL TRACK CRISIS will experience a bird's nest (swiftlet lonely) in a very long time. Even arguably BUILDING PURPOSES ONLY FAILURE that will be obtained by the owner.

However, you do not have to worry about these things. Because I've been through the pain and the bitter bitter were the conditions, namely in NANGABULIK AREA (near BRIDGE KUJAN) LAMANDAU district - BASE BUN. For the region, it is who I am the swallow MEMBURUNGKAN BUILDING FIRST TIME AND THE FIRST TIME. At that time not one swallow buildings operating in the area. The reason BIRD IS NOT BECAUSE passing swallow, especially HUNTING FOOD. CLEARLY THIS IS NOT ALSO CENTRAL REGION (like today).

The building was already established by my brother, but unfortunately, not seen any seekorpun swiftlet. What do I do? First thing I did was ring the Sound KRIYAW with moderate daily. That morning starting at 05.00 am s / d 10.00 and for the afternoon starting at 15.00 s / d 18:30 spliced ​​with the voice call that is intended to include swiftlets if any.

The first day to the third day, the liver somewhat comforted by the presence of 1 (one) swiftlet birds circling and approaching the building. At dusk the day, when it was replaced by the sound of the voice changes kriyaw call, a bird that rose into the building. But unfortunately after sunset bird out of the building and the high flying and disappeared in the darkness night.

Faced with this situation, I am trying to establish SCENT IN THE BUILDING, but where I should get swallow droppings, while in the area no other nest building standing. For that I ventured to crawl under the BRIDGE KUJAN to collect nests KALI HAWK / Swallow containing SIMILAR SCENT BIRD POOP swallow. Then I was put into the building evenly.

Sure enough, the next day a swallow bird that rose like overnight / STAY. For 4 nights this one bird has to stay, but there is also a friend. I think if this goes on all the time could be lost because the bird feel LONELY. That night I went to Nanga Bulik GORSENI buildings that has not been used yet, so a lot of sparrow in place. I caught a few, then I inject with vormalin to preserved.

I preserved the birds I put on the fins where the birds are silent. Al outcome, it is a swallow bird swallow mendempeti that preserved it. Then after the next two weeks, then there seems to be 2 (two) were mengawani nest swiftlet (situan house) around the building and the two spend the night, then be 3 (three) tails. After 2 (two) months, the number of birds that stay around 23 (twenty three) tails. Since that time no longer use kriyaw every day, which is only 3 times a week and even then only intermittently only.

Do not Put Anything Into Swiftlet House

Do not put anything into the nest building, although it looks as if the shows success. For example, putting FRUITS can invite SMALL INSECTS, although insects are highly preferred by swiftlets. Indeed, at first swiftlets will swarm the building to grab the fruit flies for some time until the insects out. However, there are problems that can not be circumvented, namely the building so SMELLING SCENT FRUITS. And this is not favored by the bird's nest, as it tends to be a lot of BAT into the building at night, and can even attack the birds nest. Clearly is, do not lure the insects into the building using fruits. Such as: pineapple, jackfruit, Cempedak, mango, lime and the like. This does not mean that all kinds of fruit that is not allowed. There is a kind of fruit is allowed to lure insects swiftlet's favorite, the fruit of which is NOT cassava peel his skin and have been boiled, then BONGKEL corn on the cob, and many other fruits through several processes can be put in the building nest to lure insects approaching / entering the nest building. Or you can also use the Swallow Seed Forage Insects have been widely sold in stores means nest building.

Onwards, not varying HOLE IN birds. Because changes to the inlet means you lose a ordinary swiftlet passed the amended hole. Except it is forced, as the building is located near the incinerator. Where the smoke generated often leads to the building. While dealing with the bird inlet direction of the wind.

Put the right size twiter left inlet of the right size, such as: Audax AX-93 or the like. To VOTE OUT should be connected to a timer or a timer, so that can be turned on and off according to the schedule. For example, live at 06:30 am s / d 11.00 and afternoon live at 15:00 s / d 20:00.

And for VOICE PULL (called holes between floors) should not be turned off, because the young swallows are new, usually more often inhabits (attached) to the speaker appeal before recognizing the intricacies of the building. And it lasts between 4 to 5 days before you actually occupy space stays true.

So before this post and I'll see ..... good lux.

Let us develop the swallow bird with ease and relatively inexpensive financing

Let us develop the swiftlet financing with ease and relatively inexpensive, quick and satisfying. Especially for the people who only have the funds financing round from hand to mouth, so it is not possible to buy the services of experts whose costs are driven up. I guarantee that with us you definitely SATISFIED, because of our experience in the field of Development Swallow moved from a MINI BUILDING (size 210 cm x 550 cm) and NO STORY. Even so, for a population of swiftlets in building our experiment is NOT LOSE with a population of 3-storey gedung2. Even if I may say it was a lot of bird-rise buildings waletnya only 3 (three) tails, whereas age was 1 year old building. Strange, is not it?

Identifying Location of Building: in game (where the birds find food), cross (his passing lane or to the central bird nest building), in the central region? Or not all three of her? To know the things mentioned above, we can see the activities that exist around Swallow Building Location. If no (there but only slightly) a passing bird, meaning Hall Locations included in the FOREIGN. And to address the SEPI (crisis) this bird, we must MAKE TRAFFIC swallow (this may not be so, because if you left will waste time in vain). Others with Swallow building located in the Game, simply by installing a solid Swiftlet Sound (Top) and a good layout according to the situation and condition of the building. For this depends on your building. Is CONCRETE (crescent) or building from WOOD BOARD?

Especially for the Building Board we shall complete after this. Furthermore, for a building located in the Central swallow will be super easy to get Swallow. Because the birds are coming in the afternoon (dusk) NO LONGER LEAVE region. For this we must rely on precise techniques that are not owned by another building. The term war building only in the central region. Not in traffic or game, let alone in a foreign location. So we're talking about building boards that exist in foreign locations, ie not a cross, let alone central game. And this I have proved in the Ampah (village Puri) kab Tamiyang Layang, Central Kalimantan. Size 4.5 m x 6m from the board and did not rise. Within four months there were only 8 seeds nest and after 8 months only 14 nests. FOREIGN achievement in the region as it already includes quite, since they always grow and grow (to be expected).

As for what I do first is Determine Direction Hole Log Bird, is a way Noting Bertiaup Wind Direction. Hole NOT facing the direction from which the wind is blowing, for example: when the wind blows to the south of the pit is facing south. Therefore, against the wind will result in: Extrafooding (feed, ie insects) that are in the building can not be played around the hole, blown into the building. Birds difficult hole to play upfront as disturbed by the wind. It is not unusual birds tend to fly AGAINST the wind, so that if the hole is facing which way the wind was blowing the bird will easily mengerol hole toward the building, especially if there are insects, oh so easy on the eyes ....

So, do not need to care about where the sunrise or sundown. Because of the light outside and not inside the building. Burungpun disore day to go home and rest before dinner, and at that time will be very dark inside gedungpun although the hole facing towards the sunset though.

Then make a hole ......... Login with size of 30cm x 80cm. This is to get an impression of the bird's nest "a trap" and increase the guts of birds to enter the building. Again, do not be concerned about the holes WIDE LIGHT. Because we are in this case only desire what Swallow so many who enter and stay in the building. Because 99% of birds that want to stay in the building we are the birds that afternoon / evening "playing around and in and out" in the building. Not the birds never came close to the building. Provided swiftlet many want to play in and out of the building and MANY WANT TO STAY, matters considered TOO WIDE HOLE is easy. To watch and is actually taken into account because of FEAR LIGHT SMALL HOLE but the bird did not go near the building let alone stay.

Swallow bird is not afraid of the light, instead he was looking for food when his light. As with BAT, a nice feed in dark places or at night. So make the room brighter Login bird so the bird can see the number of "bugs or mosquitoes (if there happens to be)" in Log Space (head space) of the building. Give simple aroma, taste the new swiftlet droppings the size of the building and should not be given other flavors, besides dirt swallow. Because the actual nest habitat aroma is feces, scent the nest is not so no. Enter swallow dirt into the sack, then open and fold the top or left open. Put a couple of places in the building, and then spray a little water upon it to keep it moist and issued a strong scent. Look .... swallow certainly love and dare to enter the building. Due to swallow may be lied to, ... home ... do not be frightened.

Anything that can make a nest fear should be avoided as much as possible, such as for a new building is a hole that is too small, the use of sound evictions nest containing young by the old nest eggs hatch. Parent swallow the new eggs will hatch noises / sounds that make people swallow-swallow away and did not dare to approach the building. In this case we may often manyaksikan swiftlet romp with each other. We think the more cool dating swallow, but if we look at last swallow instead pursued away from the building and disappeared not even come anymore. Where can know that the birds are not coming back? Of the number of birds to stay in the building which is still a little bird nests, are in buildings are small and simple. So it will look once the camera (infra-red) that the bird remains-it is also the alias does not increase, even a reduction in the number of young swiftlets.

So it is clear that for some there is a scary sound nest Swiftlet young. How might expect the birds to stay that used voice-nest swiftlet SCARY young. Medium-nest swiftlet is what can be expected to inhabit the building prepared. Because if the old birds have NO WAY want to move the building to the death, with the exception of buildings were destroyed or deliberately expelled / harassed. So, do not let predators get into the building, especially RATS, GECKO, SNAKE, CAT and others (countrymen predator birds). If the lizard, not a problem. Never put into the building while shortcuts at first glance as if it worked, that is ............... continues to follow the next exposure.

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Spesifikasi Mesin Panggil Walet

Mesin Panggil Walet yang saya buat memiliki fitur yang memadai untuk keperluan mengembangkan burung walet. Masing-masing channel berkekuatan mengangkat 300 biji tweeter inap. Hal ini memungkinkan untuk berpotensi tahan lama jika digunakan dengan kapasitas tweeter kurang dari 300 tweeter per channel. Arus menggunakan AC dan DC, serta menggunakan sistem pengisi strum akki(accu) secara otomatis. Channel Panggil-1 dipergunakan untuk suara lubang masuk(LMB) dan channel ini diatur memakai sistem Timer(pengatur waktu) yang dilengkapi dengan LED Control. Channel Panggil-2 dipergunakan untuk suara Void(Lubang Antar Lantai) atau LAL. Suara LAL ini biasanya memakai tweeter sejenis Audax tipe AX-61. Channel Panggil-3 dipakai untuk tweeter suara Pemandu yang diletakkan dipojok-pojok ruangan inap dengan setting volume sedikit lebih tinggi dari suara inap dan sedikit lebih rendah dari suara di void. Untuk channel Nginap-1 untuk lantai 1(satu), channel Nginap-2 untuk lantai 2(dua) dst.
Gambar : 1

Gambar : 2

Gambar : 3

Gambar : 4

Gambar : 5

Gambar : 6

Player dapat membaca format : WAV, WMA, MP3 dll.
Untuk informasi tentang suara panggil atau inap walet, mesin audio walet dan lain-lain, silahkan pakai alamat dibawah ini via SMS:
Duta Walet, 0813-4884-9779

Dan untuk suara-suara burung walet baik panggil maupun inapnya anda bisa mendownloadnya DISINI. Sekian dulu posting saya kali ini, sampai jumpa diposting selanjutnya. Salam.

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Suara Panggil Dan Mesin Audio Walet

Dalam beternak dan mengembangkan burung walet tidak terlepas dari penggunaan suara panggil dan suara inap burung walet. Hal tersebut dimaksudkan khusus dalam menggedungkan atau merumahkan burung walet, lain halnya dengan goa walet. Bagi peternak walet goa tidak diperlukan pemakaian suara panggil ataupun inap, sebab keberadaan burung walet didalam goa tersebut memang sudah menetap lebih dulu dan bukan karena dipanggil oleh si peternak. Si peternak hanya kebetulan menemukan dan mengelola goa walet tersebut. Hal ini sangat berbeda dengan peternak yang sengaja ingin menggedungkan atau merumahkan burung walet, dimana gedung yang semula kosong harus diusahakan agar didatangi dan ditempati oleh burung walet. Berikut contoh mesin yang khusus dirancang untuk panggil dan inap burung walet: Gambar: 1.
Gambar: 2.
Gambar: 3.
Gambar: 4.
Gambar: 5.
Gambar: 6.
Gambar: 7.
Mesin Audio Walet diatas semuanya dirancang khusus untuk keperluan memanggil dan menginapkan burung walet bagi gedung dan rumah walet yang kita buat. Msin tersebut sudah dirancang Anti-panas dan mampu untuk ON Non-stop sepanjang hari sepanjang tahun tanpa panas. Channel panggil-1 untuk panggil lubang masuk, channel panggil-2 untuk panggil di lubang void, channel panggil-3 untuk panggil di ruang inap. Channel Inap-1 untuk ruang inap lantai-1, channel inap-2 untuk ruang inap lantai-2 dan channel inap-3 untuk ruang inap lantai-3 dst. Player dapat membaca format : MP3, WAV, WMA, CD, MP4 dan lain-lain. Dan untuk suara-suara burung walet baik panggil maupun inapnya anda bisa mendownloadnya DISINI. Sekian dulu posting saya kali ini, sampai jumpa diposting selanjutnya. Salam.